Thursday, May 13, 2010

De Soto National Memorial

We really enjoyed the De Soto National Memorial yesterday. I do think that it was a little odd that it was glorifying the Spaniards coming over and killing thousands of Native Americans. This picture has the Native Americans in chains carrying things.
JD loves to wear Daddy's hat. Everywhere we heard animals. We saw crabs, a rabbit, lizards, fish and birds.

JD was excited to be on this bridge. We could look over and see hundreds of tiny fish swimming.

It is still weird to be in this climate. It was humid but the breeze made it tolerable. The path we are walking on was shells that were crushed.

JD kept saying the flowers were purple. He loves being outdoors and just wanted to jump into the bay. He now is repeating everything we say. He loves to hide and say "Are you?". The other day we were at Megan's and I was still inside talking so Daddy sent him to get me. JD knocked on the door and when I went outside he said, "Um on Mama, go byebye!". He is just so smart and growing up so fast.

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