Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Love this boy!

JD loves to do whatever Daddy does. He reads Daddy's books, wears Daddy's hats and sticks his arm out straight trying to keep Daddy's watch on his arm.

We picked Daddy up from Orlando two weekends ago and we went to the Animal Kingdom Lodge where the rooms overlook animals (This is where Jeremy's cousin Jenna works).

We saw Zebras! Grandma would like that.

This is the only picture I have of JD's face because all the rest are the back of his head since he had to look at the animals and show me the birds and things.

Airfest and sunburns

Our 6 year anniversary was March 20th. We celebrated it by going to the Air Force Airfest at MacDill AFB. When we first got there we had to wait in a long line to get in. JD was so excited that there were airplanes in the air. Anytime they would fly by with smoke or do a crazy manuvere he would say, "Noh no!" (uh no). Once we got inside Marco (Megan's boyfriend) meet us since Megan (Betsie's cousin) had to work the Gyros and Pitas booth. JD only wanted Marco to hold him and he lead him around to see all the planes. It was really cute and funny since Megan wants him to play with her and JD simply ignores her. We all got a little sunburned too.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Here at last!

Finally after months of waiting and waiting, we all three have made our way to Tampa, Florida. Here are some pictures in our apartment complex. There are 2 lakes or ponds or whatever you call it. There are fish in the water too so we can fish but no swimming. Jeremy was teasing me that there were alligators so I wouldn't let JD go near but then he said there wouldn't be any near people but then we found a sign that said not to feed them so I don't doubt that perhaps there could be a gator from time to time. JD loves all the animals and things here. He is making lots of friends. The nursey has about 10 kids so that's a change from 2.