Sunday, January 31, 2010

Gasparilla Parade at Bayshore

While in Tampa 1/23/10 we went to the children's Gasparilla Parade at Bayshore. It was a lot of fun. We got lots of beads. I wish JD was there he would have had lots of fun.
Here's my handsome husband that is missed very much.

Here is my cousin Megan who lives in Tampa. I am excited to live close to her. She lived with Jeremy and I for about 9 months a couple of years ago. She can't wait for JD to be close too. He never wants to talk to her on the phone so she is determined for him to like her. JD loves to tease so that should be an adventure for them.


I took a vacation week and moved all our things to Tampa. We put it into storage until I know what part of town I will be working in. I have a few more interviews and then hopefully we will be on our way to stay in Tampa. I loved the moss on the trees. Driving to Florida was definitely an adventure. My truck had the serpentine belt break due to bad bearings. Luckily we broke down 32 miles outside of Van Horn, Tx. This is a little town that is "the crossroads of the Texas Mountain Trail". It's where the 90 meets the 10, so there are lots of truckers that stop there so they had a tow truck and auto shop and Napa auto parts so they were able to fix our truck quickly and had the parts needed. We stay at the motel across from the auto mechanic and it also had a restaurant which was filmed in The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, with Tommy Lee Jones. It was also fun to drive through Louisiana with miles and miles of swamp everywhere!!! It definitely was not like Vegas!

Jeremy is staying with my cousin Megan. Here is a picture of her and her boyfriend Marco (he's Canadian.....).