Monday, August 16, 2010

Jones Family Reunion

JD loves walking the dogs!

No shoes, won't listen to mama, and determined to get that deer.

Mammoth Cave, KY

He is such a stinker.

He loved this bus that hung over the side of the building, but has his mean face when we tell him we need to leave.

Giant ball pit! At City Museum in St. Louis

JD trying to look at bees on flowers in front of Nauvoo Temple.

JD loves dolls. He would make them kiss.

Looking for tiny frogs smaller than a dime.

Far West

Traveling with our dogs.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Disney World-Animal Kingdom

We had a very long day at Animal Kingdom. It was so much fun. JD loved all the animals and fun things to do. We watched a Lion King and Nemo show which both were excellent. JD danced to the music to the Lion King and then when we left the Nemo show he was crying MINE! Because he didn't want to leave. It was his nap time and we were so glad that he went to sleep finally!
This is actually a very nice picture of all of us.

JD loves looking into water because often there are lots of fishes there!

We did have a wild time.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tarpon Springs

Saturday we decided that we would go to Tarpon Springs Aquarium. I had a coupon for it so it was really cheap to go see alligators, sharks, snakes, fish and little octopuses. There was a big fish that looked like a rock but was called a jewfish (which later got renamed Goliath Grouper). It is the top right piture if you can see it. JD was so cute. We could pet the crabs, turtles and puffer fish but he was a little hesitant since he thought the crabs were mean! We didn't realize the HUGE Greek influence in Tarpon Springs. It was some food fest when we visited so there was live music great food and tons of people. Tarpon Springs is the Sponge Capital of the World. So there were lots of sponges for sale as well as Greek food. I guess in the early 1900's experienced Greek divers (500+) came over to harvest the sponges so there were Greek restaurants everywhere. Very fun and relaxing. We love exploring Florida!
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

De Soto National Memorial

We really enjoyed the De Soto National Memorial yesterday. I do think that it was a little odd that it was glorifying the Spaniards coming over and killing thousands of Native Americans. This picture has the Native Americans in chains carrying things.
JD loves to wear Daddy's hat. Everywhere we heard animals. We saw crabs, a rabbit, lizards, fish and birds.

JD was excited to be on this bridge. We could look over and see hundreds of tiny fish swimming.

It is still weird to be in this climate. It was humid but the breeze made it tolerable. The path we are walking on was shells that were crushed.

JD kept saying the flowers were purple. He loves being outdoors and just wanted to jump into the bay. He now is repeating everything we say. He loves to hide and say "Are you?". The other day we were at Megan's and I was still inside talking so Daddy sent him to get me. JD knocked on the door and when I went outside he said, "Um on Mama, go byebye!". He is just so smart and growing up so fast.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Jones Family Pictures

We forgot to have Jeremy take his sunglasses off and I love that I have a double chin.

It has been since Jeremy was leaving for his mission that all the siblings were in a picture. (About 11 years, I think).

I love this fun picture!

I love that Stefanie is the only one behind her husband. (She is 6' tall).

Grandma and Grandpa Jones

Tara (3rd oldest), Scott, Sierra, Carl, Savannah and Mercedes Sweet

Melissa (6th child), Andrew, Joshua, Samuel, Jordan and Trevin Pedigo.

Stefanie (Middle child #5) JT, Kiara, Whitney, Amanda and AJ Brown.

Tom (4th Child), Tyler (Jamieson), Tiana and Tristan Jones

Luke Chase (Ticia's oldest) and Courtney (his cute girlfriend).

Ticia (Oldest daughter #2), Dave and Aspen Layton (See above for other two names).

This is my favorite picture. This is actually what we call JD's mean face. He loves to stare me down like this when I tell him to do something for example to keep his arms folded during prayer.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Love this boy!

JD loves to do whatever Daddy does. He reads Daddy's books, wears Daddy's hats and sticks his arm out straight trying to keep Daddy's watch on his arm.

We picked Daddy up from Orlando two weekends ago and we went to the Animal Kingdom Lodge where the rooms overlook animals (This is where Jeremy's cousin Jenna works).

We saw Zebras! Grandma would like that.

This is the only picture I have of JD's face because all the rest are the back of his head since he had to look at the animals and show me the birds and things.

Airfest and sunburns

Our 6 year anniversary was March 20th. We celebrated it by going to the Air Force Airfest at MacDill AFB. When we first got there we had to wait in a long line to get in. JD was so excited that there were airplanes in the air. Anytime they would fly by with smoke or do a crazy manuvere he would say, "Noh no!" (uh no). Once we got inside Marco (Megan's boyfriend) meet us since Megan (Betsie's cousin) had to work the Gyros and Pitas booth. JD only wanted Marco to hold him and he lead him around to see all the planes. It was really cute and funny since Megan wants him to play with her and JD simply ignores her. We all got a little sunburned too.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Here at last!

Finally after months of waiting and waiting, we all three have made our way to Tampa, Florida. Here are some pictures in our apartment complex. There are 2 lakes or ponds or whatever you call it. There are fish in the water too so we can fish but no swimming. Jeremy was teasing me that there were alligators so I wouldn't let JD go near but then he said there wouldn't be any near people but then we found a sign that said not to feed them so I don't doubt that perhaps there could be a gator from time to time. JD loves all the animals and things here. He is making lots of friends. The nursey has about 10 kids so that's a change from 2.